In the middle of the eighties (of-course the technology was behind the West, there was a few years difference) in Hungary was manufactured the "Hungarian" computer called TVC. The manufacturer Videoton bought in 1984 an older licence from the manufacturer of Enterprise . After the a "lot of localization" in 1988 3000 pieces 32K version and 9000 pieces 64K version was sold, mainly for government orders, in the program called School Computer program

Processzor: Z80 / 3,125 MHz
ROM: 20 kbyte BASIC+OS
(max. 24 kbyte)
RAM: 32 kbyte or 64 kbyte
RAM típusa: 4116
TV Computer
I/O ROM-RAM: maximum 4 chars
(32K vagy 64K)
Szöveges mód: 64 x 24 chars  
Grafikus módok: 128 x 240 /16 colors (24x16 chars) (GRAPHICS 16)  
  256 x 240 / 4 colors (24x32 chars) (GRAPHICS 4)  
  512 x 240 / 2 colors (24x64 chars) (GRAPHICS 2)  
Hang: 1 channel 12 bit wide programmable chain /195812,5 Hz/
Billentyűzet: 57 buttons, 9 function buttons  
Botkormány: Included, and there is 2 joystick port too  

RF output PAL (between channel 25-40)

  RGB output - 75 Ohm 1,4 Vpp  
  Tape connection- 200mVpp  
  Centronics port  
  2 x joystick connector  
  cartridge slot (max. 16 kbyte)  
  4 x expansion slot (max. 8 kbyte ROM in each)  
BASIC: TVC Basic V1.2  
Alaplap: At the 32 kbyte modell: HBA  
  At teh 64 kbyte modelll: HBA-2  

Using the graphics from the BASIC had a realy new mode, because the resolution was always 1024x 960, and the computer calculated the real values, regarding to the graphics mode. The character matrix is 10x8 bits.

The accessories of the computer (for example, cassette player) was manufactured by the BRG and it was sold only for 2900 HUF. This computer had a lot of parts of in it, so there was a lot of problems too with these machines.

The TVC 64k+ was the computer wich was started on th School Computer Tendert had a laot of changes, it has BASIC V2.2, which had a lot of new commands, and a lot of bugfix:

VRAM: 64kbyte (4x16kbyte)
  Floppy extension card
  VT-DOS operator commands were equal with the IBM-PC DOS commands, and the disk had the same format (FAT12)
(360-720K) + 40 commands
  Networks packets

TVC OS was together with the BASIC (of-course), but there was UPM (CP/M TVC specialized version), and VT-DOS (DOS 3.10 compatible) implementation too. It was possible the read/write IBM PC disks but it was not a hardware level compatibility with the PC drives. (For example, the accented Hungarian chars were used on the disks, which are not realy usable on the IBM PC DOS.

The TVC series was sold by the Centrum Áruházak in the wide range of price (16 000 - 14 000 HUF) There was about 40-50 program sold, for example word processor, letter inventory, CP/M, FORTH. Mainly the education software titles were organized by OPI office. The production cost were very high, and computer sales were dropped, when the Commodore Plus4 was imported to Hungary on discount prices, when the Primo computer (other Hungarian computer) was sold, and when the borders opend for the private importing. The golden age for this computer was only 3 years long.


(Angler, Homecomputer.de, old-computer.com)

You can find the followings under of ther points of the menu:

same as the overview you can read on the top of this page.

Galery - a lot of TVC pictures

Interviews with some people, which are in the TVC Hall of Fame

Books - a lot fo TVC books, of-course, most of them are in hungarian

A lof of magazine articles, of-course, n hungarian

TVC Újság
TVC Magazine
The TVC has a fanzine in Hungary, after the official support was dropped.
All of the issues are on the page.

ROM, Átkapcsolás
THis article tells how to include the BASIC2.2/UPM/VTDOS into a TVC.

All the PCB drawings.

Some weak info about the networking with the TVC.

Some weak info about the EPROM burner of TVC.

Pictures, and original info about the TVC joystick.
This joystick had a cool design, and had 2 different fire buttons.

A Casette player controller device.

4 Csatornás hang
A four chanel sound extension board published in the Mikrovilág magazine.
We dont have software for it yet.

Original and home made software carts for the TVC, the ROMs are loadable into the emulator.

Some document about the Videoton manufactured VT21200 printer.

Floppy controller reproducting project for the TVC.
The HBF-2 card is a freshly developed multi function card, which has UPM/VTDOS together.
If you will built a card, all the info about it on the page. (Attention, there is a bug, because two lines swapped, so before use the card ask us about the cable modification.)

Spectrum emu
Info about the prototype Spectrum emulator extension card.

Egyéb hardver
Some info about other Videoton product.

TVC Emulátor
DOS based emulator with CAS file support.
Download it under the Letoltes.

TVC [file[.cas]][option][option]

Optinons are:
[/HERC][/CGA][/EGA][/VGA][/SVGA] - Video mode
[/JOY][/NOJOY] - Analog joystick support on/off
[/NOSND][/PCSP][/ADLIB] - Sound (off, Speaker, Adlib)
[/2.2] - Use BASIC V2.2
[/437][/852] - The coda table used for keys and printer
[/EKEZ] - USe the filenames, with accents
[/AUTO] - Automatic start of the BASIC programs

F2 - Screenshot save
F3 - Sound off
F4 - Sound on
F5 - warm Reset
F6 - cold Reset
F7 - Decrease emualtion speed
F8 - Increase emualtion speed
F9 - Debug
F10 - Exit to DOS
F11 - Save state
F12 - Load state
Joystick is emulated by cursor keys

Load program:
After the start, enter the folowing:

Experimental Java-based emulator, with sources.

Frequently updated Windows based emulator.
Included in the new version of Gamebase.

Gamebase, and mixed file downloads.
The previous version of the GB was ith DOS emulator (no more updates), but the new version includes the WinTVC.

Covers, manuals and original files of the commercial released titles.

Descrition of the tape file formats of the TVC and the emulators.

Some utils and it's sources.
WAV2CAS - converts 44,1 khz 8 bit mono wav files to CAS
CAS2WAV - converts to the reverse direction
CRCCAS - creates a checksum of a CAS to check the differences between two versions.
If they have same checksum, but different CAS file, it's comming from the usege of the file copiers on the TVC (they can save a file with various block lengths)
WAVREAD - same function as WAV2CAS
WAV2CAS, CRCCAS LFN támogatással - the programs above with long file name support

BAS2CAS - converts basic listings to CAS or works to the reverse direction

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